Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I am currently working on creating a new java relational database engine called Blitz. You may wonder why I am into this now. Well, there are a few reasons. I want to create a database engine which can be small but powerful and also pretty extensible. So there are few databases out there like HSQL, H2, Axion, Derby,etc. So the whole difference lies in the fact that Blitz is meant to perform better for data analysis, mining and ware housing operations. The plan is to provide row store as well as column store. Also there is plan to provide data federation capabilities. Blitz is meant to take advantage of the Java 6 language features and also make use of the concurrency utils unlike some of the databases that came out before the concurrency packages were introduced. This will let Blitz to take advantage of multi core processors and can hopefully perform better. Only time will tell how much this will work!

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